Susan Riedweg Designs was founded in San Francisco in 1979. Its philosophy is rooted in hand-wrought originality – couture that’s instinctively functional.

Susan’s timeless handbags, accessories and clothing pioneer sumptuous Italian leathers and materials and forward inter-generational appeal. These pieces are the antithesis of crowd madness and carry fait-á-la-main elements such as weaving, crochet, cutting and final assemblage by loving fingers in-studio, rendering each piece unique.

about Susan

A childhood passion guided by her mother, seamstress grandmother and a great aunt in the fur trade brought Susan to creating unpredictable wardrobes for her otherwise ordinary doll. As her mother’s ritual would have it, materials were first found by combing closets and bins to find the ideal snippets. This led to Susan’s ongoing interest in manipulating and recycling beautiful fabrics, fibers and notions – the odds and ends of cherished belongings.

After completing her university years in Indiana and France, Susan worked with style doyenne Angelique Boer (Alain Boer Haute Couture). It was under Ms. Boer’s tutelage that Susan learned the intricacies and
detailing of haute couture. Susan’s father lent his ethics and business acumen to the growth of SRD, not to mention his engineering and artistic solutions. These influences on Susan’s work have not wavered
over the past decades.

Take a peek inside a bag, smell the leather of an artistically patched jacket, listen to the whistle on a belt, feel the lightness of a garment… herein lies your own story.

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